What We Can Take and What We Can’t

What We Can Take Blog PicJunk removal is an art, and at Hauling It Away, our canvas is clutter, our brushes are trucks, and our masterpiece is a cleaner, more organized space for you. We often get questions about what we can and cannot remove, so let’s dive into the details.

1. Furniture: From Couches to Cabinets
One of our specialties is furniture removal. Whether it’s a bulky couch that has seen better days, an old mattress, or a set of dining room chairs, we’ve got it covered. Our team is trained to handle all types of furniture safely and efficiently.

2. Appliances: Saying Goodbye to Old Gadgets
Out with the old and in with the new! We can haul away old appliances, from refrigerators and washing machines to microwaves and dishwashers. Our goal is to make room for the latest and greatest without the hassle of dealing with the old.

3. Electronics: E-Waste Be Gone
Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a large concern that is not going away. We’re equipped to handle it responsibly, from old TVs and computers to printers and smartphones. These items often contain valuable materials that can be recycled.

4. Clothing: Decluttering Your Wardrobe
Clothes piling up? Whether it’s out-of-fashion garments or items you’ve outgrown, we’ll whisk them away. Don’t let unused clothing clutter your space when it can find a new home.

5. General Garbage: Tidying Up Every Nook and Cranny
From bags of household trash to miscellaneous items cluttering your garage, we can take care of general garbage removal. There’s no need to let everyday waste pile up; we’ve got it under control.

6. Construction Debris: A Clean Slate
Home renovations can be messy, but we’re here to clean up the aftermath. Construction debris, old drywall, or discarded tiles – we’ll ensure your space is left spotless.

7. Green Waste: Nature’s Residue
Landscaping projects generate green waste; we’re ready to haul away the remnants. Branches, leaves, and other yard debris won’t longer be a hassle.

8. Chemicals: The Only No-Go Zone
While we can handle most items, chemicals are a strict no-go. Hazardous materials require specialized handling, and we encourage our clients to utilize county recycling or hazardous materials sites for proper disposal. Safety and environmental responsibility is our highest priorities.

Understanding Additional Charges: Mattresses, E-Waste, and Couches

Some items incur additional fees at landfills, and it’s essential to be transparent about this. Mattresses, e-waste, and large items like couches may have extra charges due to their size or materials. But fear not – we’re upfront about these potential fees and will work with you to provide a clear understanding of the costs involved.

At Hauling It Away, we’re not just in the business of junk removal; we’re in the business of solutions. Please reach out if you need clarification on whether we can take a specific item or if there might be additional fees. We’re here to work with you, ensuring your space is clutter-free without any surprises.

Let us transform your space into a clean canvas, ready for whatever life throws your way. Contact us today, and let the art of junk removal begin!

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