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A Chat with Spencer Ellingson at Hastings Senior Expo discussion A Green Solution For Seniors

When the sun started to dip behind the Tilden Community Center in Hastings, Minnesota, the first annual Hastings Senior Expo had already transformed the usually quiet space into a bustling hub of excitement. The event, organized to connect seniors with valuable resources in the community, featured a variety of local vendors, each offering unique services tailored to the senior demographic. Among these, a new and ambitious enterprise, Hauling It Away, stood out.

Hauling It Away is a green solution for junk removal, hauling, and whole home cleanouts. The innovative company is led by Spencer Ellingson, who took some time from the expo to chat with HastingsNow.com. His goal was simple: to inform and educate the community about the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and its dedicated services for seniors.

A self-described green company, Hauling It Away offers an alternative to landfill waste by repurposing, recycling, and donating unwanted items. “We really just pride ourselves in being green and trying to keep as much out of the landfills as we can,” Ellingson explained.

For seniors, Ellingson highlighted that Hauling It Away offers specialized services, whether it’s organizing an estate sale or removing unwanted items from their homes. “We’re just happy to find a solution for seniors that is green and keeping stuff out of the landfills,” he said, underscoring his company’s mission to support seniors and promote eco-friendly practices.

Participating in the Hastings Senior Expo was an important move for Hauling It Away. The event provided an invaluable opportunity for the company to directly communicate its vision to seniors. Ellingson believes seniors need to know there’s a green option for disposing their items. “It’s something that they just don’t have right now, and so being able to offer that to them is what we want to be able to do,” he stated with conviction.

To further its mission, Hauling It Away calls on the community for support. As a new company, spreading the word about their services is crucial. “The biggest way we can serve this community is by people knowing who we are,” Ellingson shared.

His final message to the Hastings community was a call to action: “If we can be more green as a community, we are going to be a much better place for our kids growing up and our future.” Working with companies like Hauling It Away, he suggested, is one way to contribute to this greener future.

Spencer Ellingson and Hauling It Away are not only offering a valuable service but also promoting a sustainable way of life. In a society increasingly conscious of our ecological footprint, their mission to provide green solutions and help seniors declutter their homes in an eco-friendly way resonates louder than ever.

This is the kind of progressive thinking and proactive solution that Hastings needs. As we move towards a greener future, it’s inspiring to see new businesses like Hauling It Away leading the charge. If this year’s Senior Expo was any indication, Hauling It Away has a promising future ahead in Hastings and beyond.

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